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Lithuanian Olympiads in Informatics

Lithuanian National Olympiad in Informatics is a competition for secondary school students in Lithuania, organized by Lithuanian Ministery of Education and Institute of Mathematics and Informatics together with publishing company TEV.

Although Lithuanian Olympiads in Informatics were started in 1990, a student from Lithuania participated in the first IOI in 1989 in Bulgaria as a member of Soviet Union team. It was Andrius Čepaitis. He won the gold medal in this IOI. Lithuania as a country joined the IOI community only in 1992.

Students in the National Olympiad are divided into five groups according to the grades. Nevertheless there are only two sets of tasks. The first set is for junior students (9th grade and below, which is 14 years and below). The second set is for senior students (10th–12th grades, 15–17 years).

Each Olympiad consists of three rounds. The School round (first round) with over 3000 students comes in November. The National Evaluation Comity (NEC) proposes tasks for this round. However there is much freedom in this round as well as in the second round. Each school has the right to choose their own tasks, programming languages, compilers, evaluation criteria. All the evaluation is done at schools.

In the Regional round (second round), which is held in December,  participate around one thousand students. Each region can use either the tasks proposed by the NEC or choose their own as in the school round. All the evaluation is done at regions. After the Regional competition the region submits the names of contestants that will go further to the National round.

Over 250 students participate in the National round which is divided into two parts. It would be too complicated to find over 250 computers in one place . The first part takes place on-line and it is conducted in one day in all the regions at the same time. Contestants have five hours to solve two problems of algorithmic nature and right after the competition all the solutions are sent to the NEC via e-mail. The solutions are submitted to and evaluated by the automatic submitting and grading system. The NEC chooses the best 45 students from all five groups and invites them to the second part of the National round.

Excursion during Lithuanian finals in 2001.

The second part of the National round lasts about four days with two contest days. Contestants have to solve five problems during two days. The members of the NEC evaluate the programs with automatic evaluation program. In some tasks contestants are asked to write not only the programs but also the descriptions of ideas which are also evaluated. The readability and structure of the programs is also evaluated in case the program gained over 50 percent of points for the tests.

Winners of Lithuanian Olympiad in Informatics'2000.

All the problems in the Olympiad are of algorithmic nature, similar to IOI problems. Some of them, especially in the first round are theoretical.